Ergomarathon 2019


Keravan Urheilijat welcomes indoor rowers to 18th

Ergomarathon 2019 event on Saturday 27th of April at Gustavelund,Tuusula

Registration here

NEW: You can now select ergo type in registration:

Static (Concept2) or Dynamic (Concept 2 on slides or RP3)

... to make results comparable 1% is added to dynamic times



PDF-tiedosto2018 FOEM results.pdf (109 kB)
Final results ... 4 x ME, 11 x SE
PDF-tiedosto2017 FOEM results.pdf (190 kB)
Final results ... 5 x SE
PDF-tiedosto2016_FOEM_results.pdf (153 kB)
Final results ... 2 x ME, 7 x SE. Same than 2015 :)